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"After an emotional miscarriage trying for our second child I had difficulty getting pregnant again. My cycles and luteal phase was completely out of whack making it hard to conceive. After months of frustration I met Ros through one of her talks at Peoples Pharmacy. She integrates a solid background in the medical field with a balanced lifestyle and sound nutritional advice. She was professional, warm and encouraging as she prepared an easy personalized plan for me to follow. It was extremely simple to follow and very empowering to be able to make some basic changes and know it would lead to a healthy pregnancy. Sure enough we conceived on our second cycle! It was a smooth pregnancy and we now have a beautiful little girl! Even after one meeting Ros made me feel at ease and optimistic that we would get lucky. However.. this had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with her experience and expertise. She truly loves what she does and it shows in her client rapport. ”
Meet Isabel


- C.E., age 37, Texas

"If you are reading this and considering seeing Rosalind for some nutritional advice then don't even think twice! I was fortunate enough to run across her business card in the waiting room of my fertility clinic and I was relieved when I called her and heard such a warm and caring voice on the other end. We had tried to get pregnant for a couple years and we were getting ready to consider IVF. I'd tried acupuncture, herbs, hypnosis, massage therapy, lots of prayers, and 9 months of emotionally draining infertility treatments including oral medications, suppositories, IUI's, and injectables. Once I met with Rosalind it resonated with me that my nutrition was something I had control over during a time in my life that left me feeling powerless. I made positive changes to my life and diet the months approaching IVF and I got pregnant with our very first try. We welcomed Clara and Carter into our life 10.22.08. They were born full term, weighing over 6 pounds each and healthy. I can't thank Rosalind enough for the changes she helped me make to my life, the support, and her passion to help women prepare their bodies and families for health. ”
Meet Clara and Carter


- A.S., age 32, Texas

"I had been trying to become pregnant with a second child for almost three years when I finally contacted Rosalind. During that time, we had tried numerous medical interventions that included a series of tests, fertility medications, intra-uterine inseminations, and a surgery. After all of this, I was losing hope of ever becoming pregnant. Although I had read books about fertility and nutrition, I felt confused about what were the right choices for me. Rosalind was able to guide me to a healthier way of approaching food, based on my specific needs. Most importantly she helped me feel that I could take care of my body in a way that it needed to become pregnant. I could hardly believe my eyes when I got a positive pregnancy test less than two months after our phone consultation. We are thrilled to finally be adding to our family!”

- H.F., age 30, Virginia

"We went to Rosalind for prenatal nutritional care because our doctor recommended her. At our initial meeting she evaluated our current lifestyle/eating habits and recommended simple changes that would help meet the nutritional needs of our expected twin babies. Rosalind met with us again at the beginning of the second and third trimesters to update us on the needs of our growing babies and my changing body. We will also meet with her post delivery to confirm my own care has not been forgotten. It is a pleasure to work with Rosalind. She is knowledgeable, caring, thorough, and always available by e-mail to answer questions and offer advice. She also offers a tasty snack that reflects her nutritional advice.”
Meet Ella and Gage


- K.S., age 47, Texas

"My sister gave me a consult with Rosalind in my early pregnancy as a gift. I was extremely happy to be working with her as she is very knowledgeable about nutrition and pregnancy. It turned out I had a "short cervix", which my doctor noted but forgot to pursue. It was Rosalind who alerted me to the severity of the situation, as my constant cramping was of great concern to her. A short cervix is considered a weakened cervix and can increase the risk of 2nd trimester miscarriage or preterm birth. Luckily, with her advice and getting my doctor on board (performing the cerclage procedure and limiting my activity) I delivered a healthy baby boy just two hours before his due date! Rosalind is professional and kind and I could tell she truly cared about the health of me and my baby. I would highly recommend her services.”
Meet Dune


- M.W., age 30, California

"After trying for more than 10 months to get pregnant, I didn't want to simply go to a fertility clinic. I had very irregular cycles (often 8 weeks, but sometimes 3) and possible Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I believed that something underlying was wrong with my body and I did not want to simply cover up the problem with artificial hormones. I believed my body was designed to get pregnant but something inside was very off balance.

"It was such a great blessing to be introduced to Rosalind Haney's practice. Because I live in DC, we met over the phone. Her warmth and kindness were so comforting. We created a plan to alter my eating and exercise habits and I followed it strictly. I was motivated, because it was simple and made sense.

"To my delight, my body quickly shifted to a more natural rhythm and I was pregnant my very next cycle!!

"Ros was the FIRST person I told- even before my mother! I had to - I needed advice about my pregnancy diet! Ros continued to be a great resource throughout my pregnancy. My husband and I are very grateful for the blessing she was and is in my life and so is our little boy who was born 1/29/09!!”

Meet Micah


- E.P., age 29, Washington, D.C.

"My husband and I were referred to Ros Haney by our fertility specialist office. We are an older couple and had been trying to conceive for a few years. Ros spent time with us and provided us with a lot of information and advice on ways to improve my husband�s sperm count and our over-all health. We made the dietary and lifestyle changes she recommended and I am now 24 weeks pregnant with our baby boy! I have continued to consult with her on my dietary needs during pregnancy. Ros is extremely knowledgeable and has such a calming approach to her work. Thank you, Ros, for all your sound advice and support.”
Meet James


- M.W., age 43, Texas

"After 12 years of marriage, my husband and I had given up on fertility treatments and just wanted to be healthy. I had previously been diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS, and a few other frustrating conditions. After only a few sessions with Rosalind, I was delighted to learn from my endocrinologist that my hormone levels had begun to normalize and I didn't have to take medication anymore! Then during a visit to my gynecologist, we discovered that the "strings of pearls" so common in PCOS had disappeared as well. Finally, my husband, who has recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, learned that his triglycerides and cholesterol were only slightly elevated - and prior to seeing Rosalind both were at at dangerously high levels! I completely attribute all of this to Rosalind's knowledge of how our bodies respond to such simple changes in what we eat, and of course, a bit of exercise. We feel we are well on our way not only to better health, but hopefully to a family as well!”

- M.B., age 32, Texas

"My experience with Ros was very valuable as I navigated getting pregnant at 41 years old. I made important changes in my diet and appreciated her warm and gentle approach as I experienced many frustrating challenges with infertility.”
Meet Breiten and Violet


- W.R., age 41, Texas

"After trying for a year to become pregnant with my second child I was so worried and looking for help. My doctor tested me and said I was not ovulating and had hormonal imbalances � maybe PCOS. She recommended I see Rosalind Haney for my weight, blood sugar imbalance, and stress.

"Rosalind showed me how to care for my health with diet, exercise, sunlight, fresh air, proper sleep and particular supplements and herbs. Slowly � slowly I started seeing changes in my body. I was feeling more relaxed, yet had more energy. With my doctors guidance I even reduced the type and dose of my antidepressant. It took 6 months, but with a healthier body I became pregnant on my own. Even my OBGYN was surprised when she confirmed my pregnancy as she felt certain I would need infertility treatment. But I chose a healthy way for my pregnancy and the answer was "Rosalind Haney”.

"Rosalind taught me how a woman can take ownership of her reproductive health. I am now ten weeks pregnant and she continues to help me with her very kind heart and good guidance. My entire family is blessed because my husband and daughter have both seen her for health and nutrition advice. We are so thankful to her and feel as part of her family!”

- D.V., age 30, Texas

"Having a child is all I think about, but my husband wants to wait a year to start our family. But a year of waiting means I’m a year older, which concerns me. Meeting with Rosalind has helped me to focus on being one year healthier. My husband’s hair analysis showed toxins he is exposed to at work might be affecting his health and fertility so he is working to resolve this. I am paying more attention to the foods I eat and to my environment. I can now look at this year as one of planning for a healthy pregnancy and child, rather than a year of aging, and the fertility awareness we learned will hopefully lessen the time it takes to conceive when we agree to start our family. Rosalind has been a very calming and encouraging influence. We are extremely grateful for her knowledge.”

Update: "It was a year and six months before my husband embraced the idea of starting a family. Once we began to try for a family we were pregnant by our second month! Because of the guidance Rosalind gave me, I can take comfort in knowing my body was at its healthiest at the time of conception. I am almost 17 weeks pregnant now and have never felt better. The diet Rosalind suggested for me has helped to balance my sugars (a problem for me pre-pregnancy) and has given me more energy. In 2 weeks we will know whether we are having a girl or a boy, although a baby will do just perfectly.”

Meet William


- S.B., age 27, Texas

"After several years of birth control pill use, my husband and I are ready to start a family and are so thankful we have found Rosalind. At our very first visit she helped us set forth a plan that will move us quickly towards normal cycles and a healthy pregnancy. I think her real strength is how closely she listens to our concerns and responds with research and recommendations that are individualized to our needs. Her analysis of our food diaries was especially helpful, giving us specific suggestions that we immediately put into practice. It is a tremendous comfort that I can e-mail her with questions and get a prompt, thoughtful response. Rosalind has definitely given us a great deal of good advice and information to consider as we try, with God’s help, to have a healthy baby. We thank her for everything.”

Update: “We are pregnant! Following our sessions with Rosalind we spent three months improving our health. With a more appropriate weight for fertility, an improved diet, coping mechanisms for stress, and a much healthier 14-day luteal phase we achieved pregnancy after two cycles. I'm fourteen weeks into our pregnancy and can see the light at the end on the morning sickness tunnel. Rosalind has been so supportive in giving me ideas to help ease the nausea and think through tough decisions like whether to get a flu shot. I am so thankful to Rosalind for helping us along the road to pregnancy. I am also very comforted to have her as a support throughout pregnancy. We can’t wait to introduce her to our little one.”

Meet Esther Fay


- D.B., age 32 and F.B., age 45, Texas

"I highly recommend Rosalind Haney as an expert nutritionist specializing in fertility and reproductive health. Rosalind's work showed me how extremely valuable an online nutritional counseling session could be in transforming my life.

"Rosalind's questionnaire gathered thorough insights into the nature of my troubling and complex endocrine issues. It's one of the very few times I've felt that a practitioner really went to a deeper level to understand both me and some root causes of the issues I was seeing. Her advice was informative (she provided an excellent and easy to understand, detailed explanation of what was likely happening from a medical viewpoint) and her advice was both comforting and resonated as hitting some of the core issues. I was so impressed at the time she took to type out a detailed written record of the situation from a medical perspective as well as documenting her advice. I've never seen that level of attention, dedication and care from a practitioner before! It made a huge difference in being able to grasp the situation for myself and realize how each of her recommendations were important. Her advice was tangible with easy to follow guidelines and steps. She provided numerous, complementary suggestions that weren't overwhelming, including some wonderful recipes!

"Within a couple of months, I saw improvements in my condition by following her suggestions. Moreover, I felt really positive about some of the lifestyle changes I was making and I'm happy to say that several of those changes are now part of my healthy lifestyle habits.

"Thank you, Rosalind, for your caring insights, suggestions and encouragement. Your work is really above and beyond anything I've seen from a healthcare practitioner.”

- S.D., age 35, Texas

"It had been a miserable 8 months of trying for a pregnancy on our own. Not what I expected at my age, and so a thousand possibilities as to why I could not get pregnant ran through my mind. A friend visiting Austin told me about Rosalind and I contacted her for a phone consult. What a difference an hour can make. She turned my panic around, helping me to see that I did have control over my health, and encouraged me to trust my body to heal and conceive. With renewed hope, my husband and I made the simple changes she recommended in health and in timing. I was promptly mailed follow-up information that further clarified her suggestions, and she kept in close contact through e-mails.

"And now for the very best news. Within one month of our phone consult, it is official…we are expecting!!! We truly believe this happened due to Rosalind’s guidance and advice and I really can’t express how much that means to us. She will be receiving ‘baby’s first picture’ any day now.”

Meet Luca West

- R.C., age 23 and E.D., age 35, Virginia

"We are pregnant! The test this morning (day 27) read a very strong positive. We are hoping and praying this sticks, and that in late October we will have a happy, healthy baby. We are thankful to Rosalind for all her help. It has been very reassuring knowing she was supporting our efforts and giving guidance and hope after what has been a frustrating and painful 3 years.”
Meet Morgan Lucille


- J.M., age 35 & C.M., age 36, Texas

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